Over a hundred students from the Raikes School at University of Nebraska packed an auditorium to hear us discuss the future of education with an open internet. I called their representative during the Q&A session to show off the fabulous Contact Congress iPhone app and left a polite voicemail asking if he’d defend internet freedom.

It also was a chance for Adam of LocalMotors to show off the Rally Fighter — you should’ve seen the jaws drop when he explained the awesome car her parked out front was designed by people all over the internet — and Robert to talk about AgLocal, two startups that joined our bus tour and are doing real disruption thanks to the net in industries you may not expect: automotive and farming.

Really enjoyed chatting with all the students afterward, who informed me that Nebraska football fans are widely known as some of the friendliest in football. I realized at that moment that I’m probably not nice enough to be a Cornhusker, but now I really want to be back here for a game.

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