Phew! What a trip! We’ve already had a pair of screenings at CES and in Washington D.C. for our documentary (made by the awesome folks at NimbleBot!)

More to come, as well as a pay-what-you-want beautiful high-quality and DRM-free download.

Thanks for all the continued support of our campaign to show off the USA’s magnificent internet economy.

Aglocal is using the open internet to revolutionize farming in America — supply meets demand when responsible meat producers connect with meat eaters. Here’s CEO Naithan Jones talking about the next era of the internet. His company is founded and run from Kansas City, MO.

We’re headed to St. Louis today! Who’s coming to see us at the Build Guide St. Louis + StartLouis meetup? Details here

Watch the Kauffman Foundation panel live tonight!

Watch the Internet 2012 panel on entrepreneurship at the Kauffman Foundation live from 6pm-8pm CT. Check it out here

An awesome Last Supper re-creation Ben Huh made with us in Iowa City.

Iowa Internet Uncaucus 2012

Today we’re headed to Des Moines, Iowa, for the Iowa Internet Uncaucus with Dwolla! What’s an uncaucus? Check it out here.

Over a hundred students from the Raikes School at University of Nebraska packed an auditorium to hear us discuss the future of education with an open internet. I called their representative during the Q&A session to show off the fabulous Contact Congress iPhone app and left a polite voicemail asking if he’d defend internet freedom.

It also was a chance for Adam of LocalMotors to show off the Rally Fighter — you should’ve seen the jaws drop when he explained the awesome car her parked out front was designed by people all over the internet — and Robert to talk about AgLocal, two startups that joined our bus tour and are doing real disruption thanks to the net in industries you may not expect: automotive and farming.

Really enjoyed chatting with all the students afterward, who informed me that Nebraska football fans are widely known as some of the friendliest in football. I realized at that moment that I’m probably not nice enough to be a Cornhusker, but now I really want to be back here for a game.

Whether transporting beer or data, freedom from regulation is a timeless American value. Artwork by Erik Martin.

Quick stop in Kearney, Nebraska on our way to Lincoln! We’ve seen snow, cows, and quite a few internet freedom supporters along the way — we met quite a few truckers here who were excited to hear about the Internet 2012 campaign.